Surrounding Area

White chalk cliffs, blue sea, green beech woodlands …
and much, much more to discover on the Jasmund peninsula. Besides all the natural beauty, there are charming villages, castles, ancient tombs and geological rarities. And perhaps it is true that the popular hero and pirate Klaus Störtebeker was indeed born on the Ruschvitz estate.

Rügen Kreidefelsen

Between Sassnitz in the south and Lohme to the north lies the Jasmund National Park. Here, the natural diversity and particular nature of unique chalk landscape is preserved. A wide variety of natural habitats such as cliff slopes, chalk quarries, forests, wetlands, streams, lakes, moors and the shallow water zone of the Baltic Sea are under protection here. Water lilies, orchids, sea eagles, an incredible abundance of different plant and animal species thrive here.

Rügen Bootsfahrt

Also noteworthy is the evidence of prehistoric and early historic settlements. The Stubnitz Plateau, located approximately 100 m above sea level, is a plateau shaped by glaciers. In the east it drops steeply over picturesque chalk cliffs down to the Baltic Sea. Follow the footsteps of Caspar David Friedrich to the Wissower Klinken, a special panorama, almost as beautiful as the same view  immortalized in the famous oil painting.

150 years ago, Sassnitz was one of the oldest resorts on the island of Rügen, known as the Genoa of the north. Many celebrities lodged in the more than forty hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations.


Rügen Sassnitz

The eventful history of the town can be relived on a tour through the charming Old Town. Here, representative villas and guest houses from the old splendor can be viewed. A walk leads to the Art Nouveau town hall and zoo, passing the neo-Gothic St. John’s Church which is located on a hill. Near here, Johannes Brahms once wrote his symphonies.

From the promenade a path leads past the Kurplatz and small Helgoland, the boulder off the coast, and continues past the pirates gorge up to “Wedding”, the entrance to the national park. A walk from the old town along the beach promenade to the harbor with the longest wooden pier in Europe, is rewarding and well worth it.


Rügen Sassnitz