Terms and Conditions

1. Provision

Booked rooms are available to the customer from 1.30 pm. Unless a later arrival time was agreed upon, the owner reserves the right to make reserved rooms available again after 8pm.

In case of reserved rooms not being available, the hotel management shall be obliged to seek suitable replacement within the premises or in other objects.

2. Amendment and cancellation

If a guest does not take up provisions of reserved hotel rooms, function rooms, services and arrangements agreed, he shall remain legally obliged to pay the price for the agreed hotel services, regardless of reason for the cancellation.

For individual guests and groups, the following cancellation fees and obligations for payment shall apply:

prior to 22 days before arrival = cancellation free of charge
from the 21st  to the 15th  day before arrival = 50 % cancellation fee
from 14th  to 4th  days before arrival = 70% cancellation fee
from the 3rd  day before arrival = 80 % cancellation fee .

3. Payment

Guest invoices are payable immediately.

Following prior agreement, transmitted invoices are payable within 14 days.

The hotel shall be entitled to refuse foreign currency, checks and credit cards.

All prices and agreements are inclusive of service charge and VAT and are quoted in EUROS.

Refunds of paid for but unused services shall be ruled out.

4. External services

For services undertaken by third parties, which are organised or paid for by the hotel, a surcharge will be applicable.

The hotel shall not be liable for services undertaken by third parties.

5: Wake-up calls

The hotel strives to perform Wake-up calls with the utmost care.

Claims for damages for failure or delay are excluded.

6: Check out

Departure is until 10.30am .

7. Lost and Found

Objects left behind will be forwarded on request only. The hotel is obliged to 6 months storage.

After this period, objects of apparent value  shall be handed over to the local lost property office.

8. Liability

The hotelier is liable according to legal provisions of §§ 701ff.BGB.

The guest shall be liable to the hotel owner in full for the damage caused by him/her or his/her fellow travellers or guests.

If the hotel management is prevented from the completion of services due to force majeure or strike, liability for damages shall not apply.

The hotel management shall be obliged to endeavor to offer alternative, equivalent performances.

The event management / buyer shall be liable for the payment of any additional food and drinks ordered by the participants of the event.

9. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is the place of performance.